初めての方へ | For the first timers


At Churie, first of all we ask customers to come to our studio for sample fitting and counseling.
After the fitting, and before starting the actual work, a specialized and personalized counseling will be carried out.
The counseling requires booking so if you are interested, please proceed from Booking Form.

ご注文の流れ | Introduction

1. 来店のご予約 | Booking


Fill in the booking form to make an appointment.

2. フィッティング & カウンセリング | Sample fitting and counseling


The customers are welcomed to select and try various designs at Churie’s studio in a relaxing atmosphere. The counseling is personalized with professional advice and suggestions from the designer for customer’s wardrobes and for the best coordination with the Churie jewelry.

3. サンプル制作 & 画像のご送付 | The sample making and sending images

フィッティング & カウンセリングから約2週間以内に、お選びいただいたデザインのサンプルを制作し、マネキンに着用させた写真データをお客様のパソコンのメールアドレスへお送りします。

Within about 2 weeks of fitting and counseling, a sample in a design chosen by the customer will be made and images of jewelry piece on the mannequin will be sent to the customer’s e-mail address.

4. サンプル画像のご確認 | Check and confirm the sample


The customer will be asked to check and confirm the sample jewelry for design, the look and the material. If there are any specific requirements for changes, the designer is happy to discuss further and to give advice.

5. お見積もり | The estimate


After the design is finalized, the estimate will be processed.

6. 本制作 |  Making customer’s jewelry starts


Once the payment is confirmed, the actual work of making customer’s jewelry starts and the making period will be about two weeks.

7. ご納品 |  The customer jewelry is now ready.

※ ご購入品のアフターケアについて

※ About the post-purchase services
Churie provide cleaning and maintenance service for your newly acquired jewelry.
If you wish to receive this service, you can either come to Churie studio bringing the jewelry with you or, send it by post.